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At Roski Stud, we acknowledge there is a great difference in owning and breeding horses.

In our view, it is important to identify the historic differences and similarities in breeding lines and to gain greater insight into the many different lines of horses available today.

Not detracting from the importance of stallions, we put great emphasis on the mares in our breeding programme, as we recognize that a stallion may produce many mares, but it is ultimately the mare that gives credibility to the stallion.

We have endeavoured to acquire mares with a well known lineage, as we acknowledge the right lines demonstrate the performance and ability of horses, and this proven consistency on genetics should produce correct confirmation, temperament and athletic ability.

We believe the percentage of quality foals will be in direct proportion to that of quality mares and by focusing on this aspect, we hope to provide the industry with well bred, well grown and sound individuals.

It is our aim to operate and grow our small stud through sound breeding decisions based on the quality of our mares, the use of well selected and suitable stallions and a proper, well balanced feeding regime.

We hope to build healthy relationships in the industry; to grow stronger with each accomplishment and even stronger with each setback, guided by our strong values.

At Roski Stud - we breed for the love of horses, the joy of interacting with our mares and foals every day, and the satisfaction of seeing the results of our progeny.